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美国邮局(USPS)的Passport Fair, 给你的小孩办美国护照方便

作者: HL 更新日期: 2009-08-19 22:40
最近西雅图的邮局办理美国护照. 详细如下:

Please bring the following:
--Proof of Identify - driver license or state issued picture identification
--Proof of citizenship - previous passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship
--Completed Application(USPS also have them on site)

If you have a minor under age 16, *both* parents and child must be present to apply for their passport.

The cost of a passport is as follows:

Please make 2 separate checks:

1) Payable to US Dept. of State

Passport Book:
--$75 Adults
--$60 Under Age 16

Passport Card:
--$20 Adults
--$10 Under Age 16

2) Payable to Postmaster

Execution Fee: $25 All Applicants
Photograph: $15 Two 2 x 2 photos (if applicable) *We take photo's on site

**Expedited Services available for an additional fee.

(The passport card is used only for land and sea travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. The passport book is used for all travel outside of the United States.)

Dates & Times of Passport Fairs

Mar 30
Columbia Post Office 9am-12pm
East Union Post Office 2-5pm

Mar 31
International Post Office 9am-12pm
North City Post Office 9am-1pm
Queen Anne Post Office 2-5pm

April 1
Lake City Post Office 9am-12pm
Terminal Station Post Office 10am-2pm
Wedgwood Post Office 2-5pm

April 2
Wallingford Post Office 9am-12pm
Westwood Post Office 10am-2pm
Midtown Post Office 12-4pm
University Post Office 2-5pm

April 3
Riverton Post Office 9am-12pm
Burien Post Office 2-5pm
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