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Babylon Virus: Solved

作者: JC 更新日期: 2012-10-09 22:43
Babylon is actually an online website, it's just that most people think it as a virus due to some things being installed with this "virus". Since lots and lots of people have had problems with this (most don't know how to solve this "virus"), here I have put together a page where you can find how to solve Babylon depending on the kind of browser you normally use. However, Babylon is part virus, since some words it randomly selects turn into links, which open pop-up ads. Another bad part is that it refuses to let you know how to uninstall it if you contact them.

Some people get Babylon because they installed something that had it, some people got it because of a link, or, not really common, but some people installed it on purpose assuming it was a good thing, but eventually didn't like it, creating a problem.

To protect against Babylon, there is a simple way. Sometimes when you get it (as shown above) it is downloaded with another program. When this happens you have to go through slowly. At some point it usually will ask "Do you want to install Babylon?". Simply choose "no" or do not check the box shown. For preventing Babylon coming through links, copy and paste the link on a blank browser page, which should get you to the destination the link is going to without Babylon popping up.

Mozilla Firefox Users
1. Uninstall Babylon from the Firefox add-ons page. If it is not there, delete it from the place it is stored.
2.Reset your homepage to the one you want.
3.Change the main search engine.
4. Click into the address bar in Firefox, Type "about:config"
5. You will get a warning about your warranty, bypass this.
6. In the next screen,type "Babylon" in the Filter window (search box in the config)
7. You are now in the main structure of Firefox (AKA where Babylon did it's dirty work.) You will find some places where Babylon shows up.
8. Highlight each of these entries one at a time, right click and pick "reset".
9. When all have been reset, close the file.

Internet Explorer (IE) Users
If it is the homepage, you will need to set the homepage back by going to Internet Options> General> Homepage> and change it there.
If Babylon is the toolbar, Go to Internet Options> Programs> Manage add-ons. Find it there and delete it.

Google Chrome Users
Go to Tools> Options> Homepage. Next, reset your homepage and look below that for a tab called: "default search". Change that to the desired search and you are good to go!

System Removal
1. Click the "Start" icon and select "Run."
2. Type in "msiexec /unreg" and then press"Enter."
3. Click "Start" and then "Run"
4.Type "msiexec /regserver" and press "Enter."
5. Click "Start", then "Control Panel", next "Add/Remove Programs". Click "Babylon," and select "Remove." The program will now uninstall.
NOTE: If you do not reset the program, this will not work.

(More Browser problems will be solved in the future. Good Luck Troubleshooting!)
Comments (2)
1. brooke 2012-10-08 14:35
I did what you told me to do for the Mozilla firefox. But, every time I go to a website, another site interrupts, and its Babylon..
2. JC 2012-10-09 22:43
Click on Firefox's search box towards the upper-right corner. There should be a drop down menu that allows you to click and choose "Manage Search Engines...". Remove babylon as a search engine from there.

Also, to remove Babylon as a toolbar, open Mozilla Firefox, go to "Add-ons", uninstall the Babylon extension.
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