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美国business address地址的解决办法

作者: JC 更新日期: 2012-10-24 01:21
对于在美国做小business的朋友来说,可以拿自家地址当business address, 但是买东西经常碰到人一看是residential address就觉得你不正规. 而真的租个办公室office花费挺高. 解决这个问题的办法可以用virtual mail office. 一般来说各个virtual mailbox service的服务都差不多,也就是说找个便宜的就行了。下面根据网上看到的情况搜集了一些好的:

1. USPS Mailbox Rental
I heard someone rented one from usps and it costs $76 per year.

2. Regus Virtual Offices - Prime address and mail forwarded.


Many states do not permit you to use a PO Box as your legal street address.

Because they do not want to disclose their home addresses, the owners of startup companies sometimes use corporate identity programs at places such as Regus or HQ Global Workplaces, or services such as "Mail Boxes Etc." or "UPS Store," since they offer street addresses and not a PO Box.

Can I use a rented mailbox address as my legal business address?
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