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Temple of the Monkey God Ultimate Guide

by Gamerichie on 2013-01-14 20:51 last updated: 2013-01-14 20:51 viewed 1253 times
The Temple of the Monkey God is the strongest tower in BTD5, but people often get confused at it due to the fact that is requires sacrifice. If you are one of those people, come here, and your troubles will be solved!


How to Sacrifice
To sacrifice a tower, put it into the range of a Sun God, and then buy the temple. You can sacrifice multiple towers, it's just about your strategy in sacrificing them.


This is the Temple of the Monkey God, except in it's ultimate form. This means you have to do the following sacrifices:


Note: All of these require at least 1, so don't worry about having to sacrifice multiple.


-Bomb Tower/Mortar Tower (This gives it the missile attack)
-Ice Tower (This gives it the ice ball attack)
-Glue Gunner (This gives it the glue splatter attack)
-Monkey Apprentice (This gives it the tornado attack)
-Dart Monkey/Tack Shooter/Sniper Monkey/Boomerang Thrower/Ninja Monkey/Monkey Buccaneer/Monkey Ace/Super Monkey/Monkey Village/Banana Farm/Dartling Gun/Spike Factory (This gives it the ring of darts/blades attack)


The Ultimate Temple
The ultimate temple can be easily obtained by sacrificing these towers:


4/2 Mortar Tower (3)
4/0 Ice Tower (1)
4/0 Glue Gunner (1)
0/4 Monkey Apprentice (1)
0/4 Super Monkey (1)

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1. Gamerichie 2013-01-14 20:51
The slash things on the Ultimate Temple part mean the upgrades. 4/2 means 4 upgrades on the 1st path and 2 on the 2nd.
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