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On Amazon where they are offering this DenTek Instant Oral Pain Relief Maximum Strength Kit 50-Count for only $5.62 or less after you clip the 20% off digital coupon. Note that shipping is free for Prime Members.

This kit gives you instant relief from oral pain! It includes a tube of mint-flavored Benzocaine to numb the area, an applicator handle, and a total of 50 disposable applicators to reach any area of the mouth. Plus it all stores away neatly in the included case!
On where Prime members can get this Gorilla Cart 800-Pound Heavy Duty Garden Cart for just $92.47 shipped (regularly $144.49) after you clip the 20% off digital coupon! Note that this coupon appears to only be available for Prime members (Not a Prime member? Get a 30-day trial here!).

This tough and durable wagon can hold up to a whopping 800lbs and has 10-inch pneumatic tires that can handle tough terrains. The side panels are removable to accommodate larger loads and it has a padded easy-grip handle.

This is the perfect accessory to help haul bags of soil, lumber, tree limbs, and so much more around your yard!

这是一款由Gorilla Carts公司制造的重型手推车。这款手推车设计用于承载和运输重量较大、体积较大的物品。它通常由坚固的钢制框架和大容量的货箱组成,以确保承载能力和耐用性。Gorilla Heavy-Duty Cart 配备了坚固的车轮和把手,以方便用户在各种地形上推动和操控。它常用于在花园、工地、农场等场合进行重物搬运和运输工作。
Through May 28th, on Amazon where you can now get this McCook 15-piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set in Walnut or Black for only $47.98 shipped (regularly $64.98)!

This all-in-one set has everything you need to slice and dice your way through meal prep with ease. The space-saving knife block keeps your kitchen knives protected and organized with a sleek modern look that makes a great addition to any countertop.

The real value though is in how well these knives perform despite being completely affordable. The exclusive taper grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for precise cuts every time.

Constructed from tarnish and rust-resistant carbon steel, these knives feature an ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort. Plus the block’s built-in sharpener makes it super easy to maintain the blades’ edges over time, so they always cut like new!

Amazon where they are offering Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Facial Gel Cleanser 7.8 fl. oz for just $7.86 shipped or less (regularly $13.99) after you clip the 20% off digital coupon.

This facial cleanser contains hyaluronic acid and is proven to increase skin’s hydration and lock it in, leaving skin feeling refreshingly clean every time you use it. It is lightweight, easy to apply, and lifts away makeup without stripping your skin of its essential oils. This hydrating cleanser & make-up remover is soap-free, oil-free, and paraben-free.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser 是一种洁面凝胶,由露得清品牌推出。它专为提供深层清洁和保湿效果而设计,适用于各种皮肤类型。该洁面凝胶采用独特的水凝技术,可以轻柔地清洁皮肤,去除污垢、油脂和化妆品残留物,同时保持皮肤的水分平衡。它含有透明质酸,这是一种优秀的保湿成分,能够吸湿并锁住水分,为皮肤提供持久的滋润。
On Amazon where you can now get this highly rated OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener Stain Remover 5-Pound Tub for only $9.26 shipped after you clip the 25% off digital coupon!

This laundry whitener and stain remover revives dingy whites without chlorine bleach! Use it with your regular detergent to gently lift away stains while brightening and restoring your whites.

OxiClean White Revive 是一种清洁产品,用于恢复和提亮白色衣物和织物。它可以去除黄斑、污渍和颜色退色,恢复衣物的亮白度。它可以用于各种类型的白色衣物,包括衬衫、床单、毛巾和其他织物。使用时,只需将适量的OxiClean White Revive 加入洗衣机中与水混合,然后将衣物浸泡在混合液中一段时间,最后按照正常的洗衣程序清洗即可。
On where you can now get this Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper Family Mega Rolls 24-Pack for only $20.69 shipped after you clip the digital coupon.

These family mega rolls are equivalent to 132 regular rolls, so you’ll easily stay stocked up on this household essential without fear of running out for quite a while!
For a limited time only, on where you can now get this 2021 Apple 10.2″ iPad Wi-Fi 64GB for just $279.99 shipped (regularly $329.99)!

Watch movies, play games, check your email, and so much more with this Apple iPad! It offers 64GB of storage so you can take pictures, record videos, and more. The 8MP back camera and 12MP front camera allow you to take clear photos as well as clearly see family and friends when video chatting. While they aren’t included, this version is compatible with both the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard!

On Amazon where you can now get this Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food Variety Pack for just $13.77 shipped!

Filled with 100% high-quality ingredients for complete and balanced nutrition. This convenient 24 multi-can pack comes with three delicious recipes to choose from – beef in gravy, chicken in gravy, and turkey & cheese in gravy.

On Amazon where you can now get this O-Cedar PowerCorner Pet Pro Broom & Step-On Dustpan Set for just $13.97 (regularly $19.99)!

Tired of pet hair dustballs floating around on the ground? This broom cleans up 99% of dust, dirt, and hair in one sweep with its special v-shaped bristles! Plus, once you’re done sweeping up, you can rest your foot on the dustpan handle to keep it from slipping away.

The edge of the pan also has integrated cleaning combs to remove pet hair from the bristles, and it’s anti-static so no hair clings while emptying. And, it’s made in the USA!

On Amazon where you can now get this Hydro Flask Wine Bottle for only $21.92 (regularly $39.95) – the lowest price!

This Hydro Flask Wine Bottle will hold a standard 750ml bottle of wine (and can easily be used for water instead)! It is great for taking a bottle of wine on the go to places where glass is prohibited like the beach or park. It features a silicone base, TempShield double-wall vacuum insulation to keep wine cold, and a leakproof lid. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup!

Hydro Flask是一家知名的户外用品品牌,而他们的葡萄酒瓶则是一款专为葡萄酒爱好者设计的保温瓶。这款瓶子采用了保温技术,可以保持葡萄酒的温度,无论是冷藏白葡萄酒还是保温红葡萄酒。它通常具有精美的外观和符合人体工程学的设计,使得携带和使用更加便捷。
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