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Free Science A-Z Download Links

作者: JC
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Sometimes, when there is teacher appreciation week, learning A-Z.com is free. So you can get some free kids learning materials. There could be kids learning different materials open for download on different days, so, you need to select carefully. Here is a list and comments.

Teacher Appreciation Week - Free online access Learning A-Z
This is an awesome site for teachers or home schools. All materials are printables. Normal access is between $20-60 per subject but Learning A-Z.com is offering one day free per subject during May 4-8. You could print every page out during the trial. Make sure you check each day since each day is for a different subject...

This is our student-centered website, where kids can listen to and independently read books online, take a quiz to test their progress.

Reading A-Z.com
This flagship website is filled with thousands of printable and projectable resources, including books, activity sheets, and assessments to help you differentiate reading instruction.

Science A-Z.com
Our vast collection of science resources is organized by unit themes and categorized by grade-level groupings for teaching elementary science. Includes multilevel books, activity sheets, process activities.

Writing A-Z.com
A website dedicated to giving teachers all the resources necessary to teach basic and process writing skills.

Vocabulary A-Z.com
A website with a word bank of more than 8,000 words placed in content-area, functional, and resource-correlated categories. Teachers can build vocabulary lessons that provide rich activities for multiple exposures to words that then lead to word mastery.

Reading-tutors.com provides online resource packets for use by those who do one-on-one tutoring of kids. Packets cover key reading skill areas, from phonics to comprehension.

You have to register to gain access but if you're not in an actual school or if you don't want your school listed you can simply enter the option "Not on this list" for your school.
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