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作者: JC, 更新日期: 2009-08-02

1. Find discount deals. Sites like offer gift certificates for less than face value.

2. Use an online booking agent like OpenTable. You’ll get a rebate or thank you check for doing something you do anyway, making reservations.

3. Some credit cards give you a bonus or rebate on restaurant purchases, decide which ones make the most sense and then use them as much as you can.

4. Go out for lunch.

5. Watch what you drink! Restaurants make a larger margin on beverages than they do on food. Do you really need that bottled water or cocktail? (这个确实是的,到外面吃饭尽量不要饮料, 只要水, 既省钱还健康)

6. Eat less (美国生活容易肥胖, 因为餐馆的东东太油性, 少要点儿省钱还健康)

7. Share dessert.

8. Share a large entree or take half of it home for tomorrow’s lunch.

9. Have a snack!

10. Eat out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, the slowest days of the week for restaurants. You’ll be much more likely to find special deals and offers, not to mention a quieter more relaxing dining experience. (这个可以尝试尝试, 貌似比较有道理)

11. Look for early bird or prix fixe specials.

12. Use a coupon.

13. BYOB. (bring your own booze, 自带酒水饮料).
Note: 美国饭馆很多都是靠酒水赚钱的. 所谓the (money) trick is in the drinks.

14. Cut a coupon.

15. Eat at the bar. 高档饭馆的bar menu比较便宜.

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