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在美国面试, 15个巧妙的问题获悉公司情况

作者: JC
在美国面试的时候, 我们需要问公司一些问题以便决定这份工作是否适合自己, 也可以借机了解公司未来的发展情况。但问问题的时候又不能够直截了当的,否则搞不好会得罪人的。

以下文章列举了15个巧妙的问题, 你可以用来委婉的问公司.

1. Does the company plan to grow in the near future?
2. Will this industry continue to be strong in the near and distant future?
3. How do you rank among your competitors?
4. Why is this position available now?
5. What skills are you looking your new hire to have that don't already exist in the department?
6. How does the company fit into the company's operations?
7. What type of career path options are there within the department?
8. What type of options does the company offer for lateral moves?
9. Could you describe the daily activities or responsibilities of the job -- a typical day in the life of this position?
10. What are the expectations of this position during the first three months on the job?
11. What is the evaluation process at the company and how often are employees evaluated?
12. Have you enjoyed your experience thus far at the company? Why?
13. Pay range, don't ask!
14. What type of standard and fringe benefits are offered to employees?
15. What are the next steps in the interview process?

本文最后更新日期: 2009-08-05 21:54
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