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Centralia vs. North Bend vs. Premium Outlet vs Supermall Shopping Mall

作者: JC
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If you are living in Seattle and looking forward to visit Centralia, you might be disappointed. Here is a comparison among all the outlet malls in the Greater Seattle area.

Centralia Outlet Mall
The mall is just couple minutes to the south of Great Wolf Lodge. It is quite small. Items in the stores are not cheap, compared to other outlet malls.

North Bend Outlet Mall
Premium Outlet Mall
Super Mall
They all belong to Premium Outlet Mall family company. Super Mall is relative cheaper. Premium Outlet Mall has more famous brands than North Bend Mall.
Comments (2)
1. visitor 2011-01-03 07:50
It is true that premium outlet mall has all sorts of brands, but compared to couple years ago, there are not a lot of cheap items. Prices have gone up for a lot of stores due to high demands from folks driving down there from Vancouver BC.
2. Seattle2011 2011-05-30 06:35
Today we went to the Northbend premium outlet mall. The couple of stores that were closed, now they are open again with new owners. So the mall looked busier than before.
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