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作者: JC
以下Google Seatle面试和工作情况, 作为公益事业,分享给大家.

1. 面试过程

1) HR首先给你打电话

2) Google软件工程师45分钟左右的电话phone interview, 主要是考算法, 编写小程序等.

3) 电话interview通过后, 有on-site interview.

4) on-site interview过后, Google有hiring committee讨论是否招聘此人

5) 如果大家同意招聘你的话,Google有一个allocation过程, 就是根据你的经验和兴趣来分配给你项目和小组.

2. Google在西雅图的软件开发和项目情况简介

目前Google在西雅图地区大概有40个左右的项目,涉及search, video, gmail, google maps, desktop和infrastructure的开发.

每个Google engineer有20%的时间可以用来做个人喜欢的side project, 但前提是要和Google公司有关的, 而且还要征得经理同意.



Comments (5)
1. yuuniverse4444 2009-09-16 15:10
Cool! They are also recruiting people in Mountain View.

How many rounds on-site interview need?
2. JC 2009-09-16 15:15
Typically 1 round if you are in Seattle already, 2 rounds (I guess) if you are remote.
3. JC 2009-09-16 15:18
By the way, if you are remote, it would be nice to have a Google on-site to enjoy free Google paid hotel stay and good tour of Seattle. Better yet, if you could get Microsoft interview as well, then, you double your Seattle tour ;-)
4. yuuniverse4444 2009-09-16 15:36
Do you know the distribution of PhD / Master in Google in Seatle generally ?

5. JC 2009-09-16 15:42
Not really, but a lot of Chinese folks there I know of, have Computer Science Masters degree.
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