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Sample Letter To USCIS To Remove Attorney On G28 Form For I-485

作者: JC
In order to remove an attorney/lawyer from your I-485 case, you need to send a letter to USCIS, to the same service center where your I485 is pending. Just tell them that you no longer use the attorney and void the G-28 form previously submitted. After USCIS receives your mail, they will update the attorney info for your case. However, they will not send you any confirmation.

Below is a sample letter to remove/not use the attorney anymore.

Nebraska Service Center
From: XYZ

Re: notice to withdraw Mr. ABC as our attorney

Beneficiary: XYZ
I-485, Receipt #: xxx, A#: xxxx

Dear Immigration Officer:

Please be advised that I, the beneficiary of the above-referenced application would like to withdraw Mr. ABC, an attorney at xxxx law firm as my attorney, since I am no longer using his service these days.

Please void the G28 previously submitted with my I-485 application and send all communications for my I-485 case to me directly. My address is:

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Email: xyz@themail.com

Thanks so much for your immediate help to update and remove the G28!


Attached please find my I-485 receipt for your reference.

One way to follow up with USCIS is to send them email, for example, the following 2 email addresses are reported to work best than phone numbers or faxes:
Comments (3)
1. GreenCardSeeker 2011-08-12 22:17
Some immigration attorneys are unreasonably expensive. They could charge over 100 bucks just for reviewing an email that would only take 10 minutes!
2. AnnoyedbyUngratefulClients 2013-01-03 12:45
Attorneys spend an enormous amount of money to go to law school, our intellect and services are not free. Therefore services we provide will be expensive to you but reasonable to us. What's strikingly funny to me is that clients don't have issues taking out a loan to purchase a home or even a car that depreciates over time; however asking them to pay for legal sevices to keep their behinds in this country is like pulling teeth. Seriously, this is your life in the US, without that you can say goodbye to your car and your house.
3. JC 2013-01-05 05:25

I guess sometimes there is unrealistic expectations from clients, resulting in mismatch between the attorney and the client. I don't see how this could be solved entirely except that attorneys should choose their customers carefully.
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