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How To Pass Seattle Bellevue Driving Test DMV

作者: JC
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The Bellevue driver license test tips are as follows.

Main tests done during the driving test are:
--parallel park within the required distance from the curb
--tested that can back up straight
--you can back up and go around a corner

One thing that's really important. Follow the checklist to make sure your car is ready. Make sure your car headlights and back lights are in good condition. If the car is not in good condition, that's an instant fail.

The driving test officer does check all your lights, your windshield wipers (turn them on and off), make sure you wear your seatbelt, and keep your car free of loose objects, ie put everything in the trunk.

By the way, I heard that Washington driver license is easier to get compared to BC Canada or California. People get driver license here and convert to their local driver license when they get back.

Learn more about driving test tips at Driving Test
Comments (5)
1. visitor 2011-01-04 03:03
I just did road test. their Parallel parking is 4 column in their parking lot. you may practice your parallel parking on weekends or evenings.
2. visitor 2011-01-05 01:17
Link for sample driving license test:
3. visitor 2011-04-21 02:41
The key thing to pass the driving test in Bellevue I guess is to listen to the test officer and do as he say. Don't try to be "over-smart", keep cool.
4. Seattle2011 2011-06-11 16:41
If you are at Lynnwood, the parallel parking in Lynnwood is done at the DMV parking lot. Many people go practice during non-business hours.
5. JC 2011-08-31 11:11
If you are a foreigner in Bellevue/Renton etc. Seattle area, say, if you are a Chinese, you can request a test officer that speaks your language, when you make an appointment for the drive test.

It doesn't matter where to you do the test, the officer will come to the office.

Please also note that non-English driving test is not allowed if you are taking the test for the first time. It is OK for later-on tests. Also no interpreter allowed in the car.
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