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What I Heard About Some Cheap Hotels In Leavenworth WA

作者: JC
Leavenworth has a lot of festivals and is a must-see German town if you are living in Seattle. There is the October Fest, Ice Festival, etc. But, the hotel stay in Leavenworth could be very expensive. Below are some cheaper hotel stay options recommended by others that are of best value.

First, you don't need to book a hotel in Leavenworth, you can just book a hotel in Wennachae which is very close to Leavenworth, but the hotel is much cheaper than Leavenworth.

Second, you could stay at Best Western Icicle Inn. It has game room and a mini-golf course.

Third, Enzian Inn is also not bad. It is close to front street.

Lastly, there are some 20ish hotels and reviews about Leavenworth Hotels, recommended by travelers.
本文最后更新日期: 2011-01-04 08:24
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