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Answer About Registering an Out Of State LLC In Delaware

作者: JC
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In general, you can incorporate anywhere you choose in the USA. Most people choose Delaware because of the favorable legal climate and ease of setup there. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies have set up corporations there.

If you'll operate your company, say, in WA, you need to either form your LLC in WA or you can form in Delware and then register in WA as a foreign LLC. This means that you will have to go through the WA formation steps (including giving notice) one way or another. People often misunderstand this. If you have a presence in a state, you have to register and pay taxes to that state.

You can rather easily form an LLC yourself. Or you can use one of the online paralegal services. Or you can have an attorney do it. The general rule is, the more you spend, the less work you have to do. And if you involve an attorney, you can get your questions about liability protection answered.

Generally the recommendation about using an attorney or a do-it-yourself approach is: If you're setting up something like an LLC or corporation for tax purposes, you can easily do it yourself. If you're setting up an LLC or corporation for legal liability limitation purposes, you'd better spend the money on an attorney.

As far as finding an attorney, LLC formation is really pretty basic. Using the Yellow Pages would be fine. Google search would work just fine, too.
Comments (2)
1. leona 2013-07-23 17:50
I am Chinese, and now I live in China.I want to register an American company.
Because of my work, I need to frequently buy the machine spare parts from the United States.But must pass "another usa inc" to buy the spare parts which I need from the usa supply company.Because the usa supply company sometimes can't sell the parts to china.so,i need an identity of a American company to buy the parts from supply company of usa.
What should I do?
2. JC 2013-12-23 00:04
You could register a company in America. But if you want to run this company long-term wise, you need to obtain a work visa. Unless you are a USA citizen or green card holder.
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