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Best Or Free Tire Repair In Seattle

作者: JC
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When you got into a flat tire in Seattle, the immediate thing to do is to call road side service to put on the spare tire. Then, you'd want to find a best, cheapest and fast tire repair shop. Here is a summary of possible tire repairs in Seattle.

Les Schwab
Not always fast but they usually do it for free. We got a flat a couple years back, they repaired it fast and did not charge us even though it wasn't one of their tires.

Costco Tire Center
As long as you got your tire from Costco, they should be able to repair it for free. But if it is not Costco tire, they don't even want to repair it.

Sears Auto Center
They even open on Sundays. So in case you couldn't find a good place, at leats you can try Sears Auto Center. They charge $18 to repair the hole in the tire.

Shell Stations
Some are very reliable and fair in pricing.

Discount Tire By Fred Meyer also not bad.

Some Chevrons fix flat tires for $10, according to some people.
Comments (3)
1. visitor 2011-02-26 19:06
Last time I got Costco's coupon for 4 tires, $70 off. So I went there and replaced all my tires there. The good thing is if you did that, you got life-time warranty and they repair your flat tires for FREE!
2. visitor 2011-04-28 06:51
Costco got $70 off any set of 4 bridgestone tires again. It is valid from Apr 14 to May 8.
3. HL 2011-05-22 00:21
Goodyear Auto has $25 Off $50 printable coupon for tires, valid now until May 31.
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