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Enrichment Program Bellevue School District

作者: JC
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Someone was curious about enrichment program. So after looking up the enrichment program for Bellevue School District, I found 3 types of gifted programs:

1. Enrichment: for grades 2-5. Five hours per week at four elementary schools.

2. PRISM: full time for grades 2-5 at Spiritridge Elementary. For grades 6-8, core subjects are taught at Odle Middle School.

3. Gifted High School Program (GHSP): this is for grades 9-12. Core subjects and special programs at Interlake High School.

All of the above programs challenge a student with rigorous curriculum. However, I think enrichment program is inferior to the PRISM program, as it is a pull-out program, not full-time immersed in a separate school.
本文最后更新日期: 2011-04-22 05:00
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