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西雅图砍树(tree cutting)公司推荐

作者: JC
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Below are some good Greater Seattle area tree removal services people recommended on the web. Also if your tree is big, before cutting it, you might need to check with the Seattle government to get a Tree Pruning and Removal Permit.

Lambert Tree Care
6241 NE 204TH PL, KENMORE, WA 98028, 206-949-7641
Comment: Good rating on Angie's list. Someone recently hired them and they did a good job.

Sound Arbor, LLC
8708 Olympic View Drive, Edmonds, WA, 98026, 206-607-0309
Comment: Good job and low cost to cut your tree, recommended by servicemagic.com and used by some friends.

Mercer VUE Tree Service
Mercer Island, WA 98040, 206-232-2922
Comment: just mentioned by people on the web, but not sure if it is good or not yet. If anyone knows about this tree trim/prune company, please let us know by email.

Tree Work Today
22826 106th Dr SE, Woodinville, Washington 98077, 360-668-0338
Comment: someone recommended this service and said they were professional, 4 trees trimmed and one dead tree removed, total cost around $1100.

Evergreen Tree Care
contact: gregg, 425-213-2329
Comment: 服务挺好的。树枝会处理掉,树干只切割成小段,不带走的。

点评: 三颗40多年Pine树, 需要大约加税$1500.

Comment: good pricing
Comments (7)
1. lb 2011-06-20 17:39
I had a guy named Jack (206-242-0677) cut a tree for me yesterday. This was the second job he did for me. His service only costs a fraction (like 1/5) of other guys would charge. He was a pro working in the woods before. A couple of things you have to consider: he may not have insurance; he will cut the tree into sections, but he doesn't deal with the waste.
2. JC 2011-06-20 19:29
Thanks for the info. In my house, the trees are relatively short, so I'd just do preventative maintenance to cut some branches.

I can understand the headache of going through the approval for tree cutting and then hire someone to cut it.
3. lb 2011-06-21 02:04
Checked! You don't need a permit unless you are cutting down many trees that would cover 1000 sq feet. Most of time you don't need a permit.
4. JC 2011-06-21 03:11
Great, thanks for the information.
5. JC 2011-12-20 21:37
I saw someone recommended P&D Tree Service, thought it could be good for folks, so just pasted here:

P&D Tree Service
20311 SE 240th Street, Maple Valley, WA, 98038, 425-432-7636
P&D Tree Service is a family owned local operation based in Maple Valley Washington. Been providing professional service to the Puget Sound since 1977.
6. JC 2012-03-15 22:43
This is not related to tree removal but I am putting it here for future reference.

Kim Pran, provides a good landscaping service, phone: 206-722-8966. He charges $50 in total for twice a month landscape maintenance. Recommended by people I read on the web.
7. scott 2012-11-08 17:51
You might try out Apex Arboriculture,Robert Gandt 206-351-6655 is an Arborist. They took down a massive maple tree for us and did a great job.
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