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好运搬家公司(Lucky Mover Company)

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2012-07-13
I hired Lucky Mover Company recently and it was the worst experience I ever had! I called them ahead to find out more about this mover. He told me there will be two men on the moving day. Yes, there were two men showed up, a Chinese and a Mexican guy, but the Chinese acted as the "supervisor" and the Mexican was the only one who really moved all my belongings! It was suck! And the Chinese was very unfriendly. I found out from the friendly Mexican and he told me the Chinese guy is always acting in this way and he is the boss who owns the truck! That's explains! The boss moved as slow as he could so he could charge me for the longer hours! We moved most of belonging to overseas the day before that with Mayflower and only have some belongings left that needed to be moved to storage area. All those are packed in boxes and it should not take them more than four hours. But because of only one Mexican guy that actually moved the stuff....he charged us six and a half hours, with our help to move some of our own stuff!...This company is not a honest one! The Chinese guy is not professional, unfriendly, not honest....not to mention he kept talking on the phone all the time!

I will not recommend anyone use this moving company!

Written by Yenm1972

Comments (1)

1. JC 2012-07-13 18:53
Really, wow, sorry to hear that. So couple years ago when they were less known, just started, they did the work themselves. Now they are bigger, from what you mentioned, Lucky moving's service quality really goes down, that's bad.
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