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Best Small Business Payroll Services In USA

作者: JC
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It claims to be the largest Internet-Only payroll provider. They are focusing on companies with less than 100 employees. Also, it is a company that disrupted the payroll business by bringing it online.

Intuit Online Payroll
Intuit is the software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. Right now they claim that over 1 Million small business owners are using their Intuit Payroll Services.

Some companies used PayChex. Good service at a reasonable price. However if you want to manage your own payroll and have more control, Intuit's payroll service is better.
Comments (2)
1. JC 2012-09-26 23:43
Payoneer.com provides an easy way to do global payment, i.e., pay foreign contractors outside the USA. Using their service, you could issue a prepaid MasterCard to each of your staff. Then, you will be able to load money into their cards whenever you wish. It is said that their cost is lower than doing PayPal globally.
2. JC 2013-01-02 21:31
Paychex could still be expensive for tiny businesses such as a one person business. One other alternative is, many banks will offer small business account together with payroll service.

For example, Citi Bank's payroll service is really inexpensive. It is about $25/month for up to around 10 employees, and then some additional fees for more employees. They will file all IRS payroll returns on your behalf. If you have preferred banking (5 wire transfers per month), then the monthly fee is only $20.
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