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How to Combine Images Together Horizontally

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2012-08-05
Even though I am a software developer, I still find it very perplexing at times about how to combine graphics together into just one picture on a page. It just seems to me it is such an easy thing to do that any decent software should provide such feature. However, it is not so obvious at all.

The way I've done it in the past, was to use the Adobe Fireworks software. Here are the steps:

1) File -> New
Create a new Canvas, Width 800, Height 600

2) File -> open
open two or more graphics using this

3) Copy the opened images to the main canvas

4) If it looks good, click on Fit Canvas button at the bottom

5) Modify -> Flatten Selection

6) Note: to remove extra white space, select the image area you want to keep using Bitmap->Marquee Tool, then, right click on the selected area -> Crop Document.

7) In addition: Here is a youtube video on make banner quickly from any web page in fireworks.

The draw back of the above approach is that you have to have Fireworks software. Also the same is true if you use Photoshop, let alone that you have to also learn it.

For a lazy programmer like me, I'd rather use something quick and easy. So, here is what my recent method is, just use the good ol' Microsoft Paint. Actually, you can do this in any photo editing program including Paint. Steps are:

1) Open a new blank image to the size required and save it.

2) Then open the first picture and copy and paste it into the blank image, you can move and re-size the picture to fit half of the image, then save it.

3) Then open the second picture and copy and paste it into the other half of the image, save the completed image with two pictures side by side.

4) You may also do: Select All -> Crop, choose the suitable area, click on Crop button again.

What's your best way to combine images together?
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