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网友问题: 在网上卖东西,结果买家要求退货后,东西不退,拿了refund就跑了。现在自己准备去找买家讨债. 请问一下,有讨债的模板吗? 那里有看起来像律师行写的模板可以借鉴一下?


请参考下面这个讨债模板。(The following is a sample email template to ask for return of the item, after the customer has received the refund but forgot to return the item to the merchant)


Subject: Return of Our Item xxxx

Dear (customer name),

This is (your name) from ABC Company. I am contacting you with regard to the return we made for you recently. It looks like that you have received the refund, but we are still waiting for the item to be shipped back to us.

We are a small company and it is really very difficult for us to operate without getting our item back. Please just spend a bit of time and kindly return the item back to us at your earliest.

We would greatly appreciate your efforts in doing so.

Thank you,

(your name)
Title, company name
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