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在美国ebay上设置bid但不加buy it now有什么好处?

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2013-05-09

在跟踪一个大卖家,他list的时候都从$0.01或其他价起拍,但都不设buy it now价格,这是为啥呢? 设了buy it now不是有利于有些客户直接以这个价格买走吗?


以下是我的一个朋友的回答. 他在eBay做软件director多年, 所以有些内幕信息.


Selling on eBay is actually pretty tricky. In general the rule of thumb is:

1. If you are selling a rare item with less competition or something that is unique (for example used), then often times it is better to sell it as an auction. The lower price the auction, the more interest it gathers. For maximum exposure selling in the US (different rules for international), list the auction on a Thursday night (after 8PM PDT) and set it for 10 days. This will give it two weekends worth of exposure.

2. If you know what the going rate of the item is for, you can set it for Buy It Now. To research what other items have sold for in the past you can do a product search and in the advanced search area make sure "Completed Items" is checked so you are searching for items that have sold and not items that are currently selling. By researching what similar items have recently sold for you can price your Buy It Now more accurately. Buy It Now generally works great for common items that are new in box or otherwise like new items.

Finally, another unofficial approach is to sell an item for 30 days as a Buy It Now and set the price very high. Then every few days lower the price a little bit until the item is purchased. This can be effective if you have a valuable item that you don't know what its worth on eBay, but it is worth something to you. It protects you from selling the item at a price that is too low for your comfort.

Comments (1)

1. JC 2013-05-09 18:07
另外,据我了解,eBay上热卖的产品类别有三大类别. 其中有收藏品(collectible), 服装(apparel)。收藏品我觉得是理所应当的,因为eBay当初起步就是靠着这个。但服装热卖,是出乎我的意料的。首先,我没觉得网上买服装的人多,其次,难道eBay上买服装比Amazon上买要好吗? 也许是因为eBay上的服装比较独特所致吧? Anyway.
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