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在美国做软件consultant稳定还是做full time employee稳定

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2013-09-08

One thing I realized these two days, if you are doing a side business, the best bet is to just work as a senior software engineer in your full time job. This way, there is no or less stress than being a manager.

Also, contrary to the popular belief that it is easy to sell SaaS based services, it is actually quite hard to do, since money is not coming in right away. This is especially true when one is bootstrapping on the side while working full time.

Right now it seems it is best to just get contract work and be a consultant. The nice thing about being a consultant is that it gives myself better control over my time. Then, I can work on the side business regularly.

An alternative to going the consulting route is to work a stable and less demanding job.

Comments (1)

1. JC 2013-07-27 15:53

另外,他们说,到consulting公司工作的话,没有假期了。因为一旦不工作,就没有钱赚。这个我不同意。修不修假,是你自己控制的。钱是挣不完的,如果做了consultant,反倒灵活,可以自己控制啥时候休假。而且,平常挣的钱足够多的情况下,即使有休假了,但全年下来,应该和做full time employee一样的收入。

唯一做consultant不好的一面是,工作不稳定。但问题是,现在在美国,哪还有什么稳定的工作一说呢? 上市公司,Zynga, Microsoft也都裁人。不上市的小公司,经营不好了,照样也裁人的。要想稳定的话,命运应该掌握在自己的手里,更重要。而不是将整个个人收入都系在一家公司上。一旦被裁了,收入就从6位数一下降到了0, 多可怕.

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