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Audible 有声电子书网站的最新打折信息

作者: HL
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Audible.com 是 Amazon(亚马逊)旗下的一家为互联网客户提供在线音频信息和娱乐的供应商。 Audible内容包括有声读物出版商、广播电视、演艺、杂志、报纸出版商和商业信息提供商等内容提供商提供的10万个音频节目。 Audible也是苹果公司的iTunes商店音频产品的供应商。

他家卖的有声书,内容很丰富,除了有声书,还有一些有声版报纸杂志和娱乐节目的订阅服务,几乎全是英文的(可以用来练习英文听力 ;-) )。付费按本计(订阅服务一般按月计),新注册会员前几个月会有蛮大的优惠,包括折扣和送credits (1个credit可买一本有声书),信用卡付款。

现在到 April 21st 为止, Audible.com 注册账户可以获得 FREE $5 Audible credit - valid to use through April 30th! Just go here, click on "Let's Go", and your $5 will automatically be applied to your account.

If you’re not an Audible member, you can sign up first and then click back on this link to score your $5 credit. Note: this credit can only be applied to items sold by Audible.com.

你 sign up 以后, 可以使用 Audible Free Trial and Get an free audiobook of your choice. Free trial is 30-day . After the trial, your paid membership will begin at $14.95 per month. With your membership, you will receive one credit every month, good for any audiobook on Audible.

And also you can Cancel your membership anytime, effective the next monthly billing cycle. Cancel before your trial ends and you will not be charged. Check out the full terms and policies that apply to Audible membership.
Comments (2)
1. HL 2014-04-27 12:24
Audible.com offers a $10 Credit Towards Audiobooks for Free.

Note, voucher may only redeemed for audio content, not valid for purchasing membership, gift cards or other items. Limit one per customer and account.

click on the "Get Coupon" button
Login to your Amazon account and $10 credit should be added to your account
2. HL 2014-10-10 11:41
Through October 31st, new Audible.com customers can get a FREE 2-Month Audible.com Trial after enter the promo code FREE2. With this free trial, you will receive one credit every month good for an Audible audiobook. After two months, your paid membership will begin at $14.95/month but you can cancel anytime.

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