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在美国找工作,如何写cover letter

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2017-05-19
前一段有网友希望我讲讲如何更好地写cover letter,或者什么样的cover letter才会打动招聘的人,这篇文章我就谈谈这个问题吧。

什么情况下cover letter有用?

大公司都是统一操作,简历里的关键字更重要,而cover letter不一定太有用。

对小公司来说,cover letter还是挺管用的,至少写了比不写强。因为小公司都是hiring manager直接过目的,所以有cover letter的简历,自然会多看一眼,而且也对cover letter写的好的会留意一些。我这么说是因为我在小公司做过manager, 招聘过,就我个人的体会来说的。

cover letter的作用有多大?

这个不好说。如果你的技术特别强势,市场热需的,你就是好比是皇帝的女儿不愁嫁,那当然无所谓了。但如果你感觉竞争激烈,你要stand out, 表现出来你care这份工作,你是最fit的人,当然cover letter会有好处的。冷冰冰的简历就比不上写一封热情洋溢的cover letter。

写cover letter的技巧

1. 不要太长。一般稍微大一点儿的公司,hiring的人每天平均会收到150多封信,所以,cover letter不要写的太长,要respect人家的时间。

2. 用招聘广告里的词汇写。你可以在cover letter里特意的用job description里的词汇来写。比如,job description里说我们需要attention to detail, 你在cover letter里就要写上这个,说你做事情pay great attention to detail。

3. 结尾写上如果有其他工作机会,也希望考虑。比如,"Looking forward to hearing from you about this or other positions within your organization."

cover letter注意事项

在美国找工作,cover letter里要体现出来这3点:

1. Explain why you've contacted the employer.

2. Provide insight on who you are and what you offer.

3. Show enthusiasm and interest in hearing back from the employer.

cover letter模板

这个cover letter的模板非常好,可以借鉴:

Dear Name (be specific, you likely can find the person’s actual name),

I'm writing to inquire about the opening for (job title here).

I offer (number of years) years of experience in (your specialty here) and excellent (related skills that will help you perform the job here) skills, which should make me a strong candidate for this opening. The top portion of my attached resume also highlights my career profile and three significant accomplishments that are also in alignment with your position.

Looking forward to hearing from you about this or other positions within your organization.

Thank you,

(Your Name)
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