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[圣诞节装饰树降价打折] Lighted Birch Trees 2-Pack Only $51 Shipped

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2024-03-14
For a limited time, on Amazon where you can now get this Lighted Birch Tree 2-Pack for just $17.99 after an automatic 10% off discount applies at checkout!

This set includes two 2′ lighted birch trees with warm white LED lights. The trunk and branches look like birch tree wood and are adjustable so you can make them more or less full-looking. Plus they’re battery powered so you can place them virtually anywhere in your home and they have a timer function to turn them on and off daily.

"Lighted Birch Trees"(发光白桦树)通常是指一种装饰性的室内或室外用灯光装饰。它们通常被设计成类似白桦树的外观,但具有灯光效果,为室内或户外环境带来一种仿佛白桦树林的视觉效果。
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