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[宠物猫咪的树屋降价打折] Cat Trees & Condos On Sale Now

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2020-07-28
Amazon has a fun assortment of cat trees and condos that will supply your furry friend with an outlet for its high energy and divert its scratching from your beloved furniture.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree – starting at $69.99

This attractive 62” cat tree can keep your feline friend busy. It is made from highly durable compressed wood and wrapped with a high-quality faux fur finish to keep your cats warm and cozy. Unique features such as a condo, ladder, hanging toys, scratching posts, tunnel, basket, and top perch keep your cat active and entertained.

AmazonBasics 46″ Cat Tree with Platform & Scratching Posts– $60.99

This cat tree’s interactive play design features a naturally fibrous construction so your cat can claw the rope pillars and hop between platforms. Constructed with natural jute fiber, plush carpeting, and sturdy chipboard, this product offers long-lasting quality and durability for your furry friend!
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