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Best Mortgage Broker In Seattle Area

作者: JC
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Below are several mortgage brokers/loan officers that friends and people in Seattle / Bellevue area have used and recommended. They are provided here for folk's reference.

Debbie Wang
Homelink Mortgage Inc
Senior Mortgage Consultant/MBA in Finance
425-8987775 direct
206-6172758 cell
email: debbiewang@homelinkmtg.com
Comment: Her response to customers is fast. Work is very professional. Highly recommended.

Julia Li
Homelink Mortgage Inc
Cell: 206-229-3684

Jade Lee
Very nice person. Phone 206-355-7498

Henry Chu
West Coast Financial
Many years of experience in the home loan/mortgage industry. From the same company, Cathy Chen is also diligent and professional. They claim to have the lowest rates in the industry.

Shan Ross
Homelink Mortgage Inc
Someone on the web used this agent and said she was pretty good. Her phone is 425-998-8730

1. Although most mortgage brokers/loan officers could tell the trend of mortgage rates, you are still responsible for locking a favorable rate. My advice is just lock the rate when you feel it is low enough, but never "time the market". Just like stock market, you can not beat the market by locking at the lowest rate possible. Lastly, don't be panic if the market goes up sharply. See Daily Mortgage Rate Lock Advice for more information.

2. For folks doing refinance. Most loan agents could do no-cost refinance. However, no cost doesn't mean that there is no closing fees. You still need to bring a hefty check during closing, mainly for the following fees:
--bank/loan processing fee
--first month payment of the new loan
--escrow money, including home insurance
--county recording fee, title fee
Overall, it could be couple thousand $$ to get the re-finance done.

3. This list is provided according to people's recommendation in the past. We don't endorse any of the agents above. Please shop around and do due diligence yourself to get the best deal!
Comments (2)
1. visitor 2011-02-15 14:33
Our loan broker is Wei Wei at Reliance Mortgage(reliancemortgage.net). Their fees are low. You can get a quote from her and compare.
2. Seattle2011 2011-06-11 18:16
Some people also used Reliance mortgage and they have office in Bellevue, there are a lot of Chinese working there. The title company that they use are of the same owner.
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