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[不锈钢内胆保温杯降价打折] Simple Modern 30oz Trek Tumblers ONLY $21.59

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-11-15
For a limited time, on Amazon where you can now get this Simple Modern 30oz Trek Tumbler for as low as $21.59 (regularly $26.99)!

This Simple Modern 30 oz Trek Tumbler is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of style and color to their hydration routine. Its tapered design fits into most cupholders, making it great for everyday use and travel. It keeps beverages cold or hot for hours! Plus, it can be used with or without a straw (necessary for hot beverages) and the lid is spill-proof.

这种杯子由高质量的不锈钢制成,具有耐用性和不易生锈的特点。具有保温性能,可以保持饮料的温度,无论是热饮还是冷饮。这种杯子的盖子采用旋转式设计,并且配备可拆卸的吸管。 杯子和盖子具有防漏设计,确保在使用过程中不会发生泄漏。
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