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[电击灭虫器降价打折] Electric Bug Zapper Only $29.97

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2024-04-01
For a limited time, on Amazon where you can now get up to 40% off select Black+Decker insect products!

Black+Decker Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Indoor & Outdoor Fly Zapper Half Acre Coverage, Just $29.97 (regularly $50.95)!

This electric bug zapper uses non-toxic UV light to attract and zap bugs quickly during the day or night for areas up to half an acre! It can be used indoors or outdoors, hung like a lantern with the included ring and chain, or placed on a table or flat surface. Plus, the removable tray is easy to clean once full.

Electric Bug Zapper在中文俗称"电击式灭虫器"或"电蚊拍"。这是一种利用电力杀虫的环保型器具,主要用于驱除家中或户外的飞虫。它由一个环形金属网罩组成,网罩内有两个裸露的金属电极板,接入高压电源。当昆虫飞入网罩内触碰电极时,瞬间即被高压电流电击而致死,无需使用任何化学药剂。
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