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How To Write A Good Resume

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2012-04-10
A good and effective resume is the first step towards finding a good job. If it satisfies the employer and recruiter, they are then possible to spend more time on you.

Below are some good resume writing tips and a perfect resume format as a sample resume template. As far as I know, a lot of people found jobs using this resume template.

Some general information about resume

1) There is no such a thing as perfect resume
2) Resume work for you and against you at the same time equally as well
3) The primary use of a resume, by employer, is to weed out candidates that do not "appear" to be, or are definitely not "qualified"
4) Resume loses more interview and jobs than they gain
5) A resume should not present all of the facts. It entices the reader to seek more information.

Resume Do's and Don'ts

1) Place strongest statements first
2) keep sentence and paragraphs short and to the point. It is not necessary to always use complete sentence
3) Use simple terms; in most cases it’s advisable to stay away from industry jargon
4) Make comment related to personal evaluations
5) Have it checked for spelling and punctuation (2 or 3 times and after each revision)

1) Include photographs
2) List reference, or include reference letters
3) Mention disability/problems
4) State Salary or Salary requirement
5) List irrelevant information (age, sex, weight, children, etc…)
6) Use the word "I"
7) Copy on both side of paper

Types of Resume

1. Chronological

Organized according to the sequence of your work history. Always begin with your current or last position and work backward.

2. Functional

Organized around skill categories and achievements; it highlights your qualifications in “generic” term and can play down a special industry or type of work. It does not list employers, dates, and titles.

Emphasizes and focuses on impressive capabilities
Take the focus off of dates, name, places, number of employers, etc
Can be targeted if you know that an employer is looking for

You must be able to concretely support all statements
Many readers require dates and employer name to evaluate prospective candidates. This format may confuse them

Career change situation
Upgrade situations in one specific industry

3. Combination
A blend with the advantages of both and none of the disadvantages
Note: This is the format that I suggest using

You can select the format that you are most comfortable with. It is possible that you may elect to use more than one type for different situations.

No matter which format you choose, there are four things a reader wants to know when they begin reviewing a resume
1) who you are and how do they contact you;
2) what do you do;
3) What can you bring to the company/position;
4) how well do you match up to their “version” of their need.

Resume Writing

Rule #1: Advertise what you are and what you want;
Rule #2: Keep it clean, simple and to the point.
"If they have to search for it, they won't read it"

Sample Resume Format (Combination type)
This resume template below is very good and effective. Lot of people used it and are able to get interviews easily.

Brite Guy 123-456-7890
1000 University Park, Apt 123
Smalltown, CY 80123

State what you are looking for. Use only one objective per resume

Write out words in full (longhand writing) and synopsized. Use power words and action phases. Must relate to duties, skills and abilities detailed in targeting position description.

Put on front page only if relevant or enhancing, if not put onto back page.

-- Format from the standpoint of skills.
-- Resulting improvement … what you did.
-- Bullet, as is done here.
-- Do not need to be complete sentences.
-- Keep to single sentences whenever possible.
-- Include at least 3 to 6 appropriate examples for a stand alone section.

FROM – TO: Company Name, location (Optional)
One or two brief sentences about company.
Brief description of what your duties and responsibilities were.

FROM – TO: Company Name, location (Optional)
One or two brief sentences about company.
Brief description of what your duties and responsibilities were.
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