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March X, 2011
United States Embassy of Beijing
3 Xiu Shui Bei Jie
Beijing, 100600

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to confirm that I invited Dr. XXX (Father) and Dr. XXX (Mother) to participate my commencement ceremony at University of XXX in XXX 200X.

I came to the United States in August 200X to pursue my PhD in XXX at the University of XXX. My research is academic in nature and is focused on XXX, such as XXX, which are XXX. After X years research and writing, my dissertation committee approved my graduation plan in XXX 200X.

My parents have provided tremendous support to me in the past X years and I would like to share the joy of PhD graduation with them. Moreover, I have planned a vacation across the United States with my parents to celebrate the graduation. Their itinerary in the United States will be the following:

2. X
3. X
4. X
5. X

My parents will depart from XXX back to China. The duration of this trip would range from 3 to 6 months. In the meantime, I will be a legal F1 student in Optional Practical Training (OPT). I have monthly salary of US$ XXX for my research assistantship and I have bank deposit of over US$ XXX. My parents will bring US$ XXX for the trip and I will cover the rest expenses.

My father has served as a XXX for over 30 years and he plan to retire in two years. My mother has been a professor in XXX for over 20 years before she retired about X years ago. Furthermore, my parents own real estate, stocks, bank savings, and have developed extensive professional and social ties in China. Both of them are persons of excellent character, financially stable, and completely trustworthy.

I have enclosed the following documents to assist my parents’visa application interview:

1. An official invitation letter to my commencement ceremony from the International Scholar and Student Services of University of XXX;

2. Automatic payroll deposit to XXX Bank by XXX payroll in the past 12 months and representative pay stubs in 2007 and 2008;

3. Bank statement and online transaction history of XXX Bank, over US$ XXX in cash;

4. Photocopies of my passport, latest I-94, latest student visa, and I-20 form;

5. Photocopies of my social security card, medical insurance card, and driver’s license;

6. My Curriculum Vitae.

I wish they could be issued visitors’ visa for this trip. Please contact me if you need further information. Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Graduate Assistant
Department of XXX
University of XXX

Residential and Mailing Address:

这个邀请父母来美国参加毕业典礼的模板对于硕士或者博士都应该适用的. 其他关于父母来美探亲医疗保险以及B2签证常见问题及其答案, 请看 B2 USA Visitor Visa FAQ

父母来美旅游后回国带的礼物, 请看 What gift to bring back to China
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