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作者: HL, 更新日期: 2013-01-30
以下是美国没有销售税(sales tax)的5个州和各个州的tax情况.

Delaware (特拉华州)
Consumers don't pay sales tax on services, but the First State levies a gross receipts tax on businesses, and that likely affects the pricing of goods and services.

New Hampshire (新罕布什尔州)
Although the Granite State doesn't collect a sales tax on consumer products or services, it does collect a tax on restaurant meals and lodgings, as well as on car rentals.

Oregon (俄勒冈州)
The Beaver State is fine with not collecting sales tax. Bu it won't let Oregon residents claim sales tax paid to other states as a way to reduce their state income taxes.

Montana (蒙大拿州)
The Treasure State does not collect a statewide tax, but communities that cater to recreational visitors can assess resort and local-option taxes of up to 3%.

Alaska (阿拉斯加州)
While Alaska doesn't collect a state sales tax, it does allow local jurisdictions to enact their own sales taxes. And visitors will pay vehicle rental and cruise ship fees.
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