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Best Home Inspector List in Bellevue, Seattle

作者: JC
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A lot of friends who want to buy a house in Bellevue face the problem of trying to find a good home inspector. I guess the criteria for a good home inspector has to be high quality and also cheap price.

Below is a list of home inspectors my real estate agent have dealth with in the past. They are all pretty professional in home inspection and easy to deal with. In fact, some of them are also used by my friends who bought a house in Bellevue.

Kelly Thompson
(425)227-4461 cell, (425)646-8385 office home

Tom Browning
(425)681-9886 cell, (425)836-5435 home
Company: Pillar To Post
Comment: This guy's the best if you can find him. Quality work, low price. We've used this home inspector. They are two people, spent about 4 hours for home inspection. They charge according to the size and year of the house. It was about $400 for a home inspection. They also print out the inspection report and photo on the spot, very professional I should say. Oh, they are also nice people, very patient at explaining the inspection process.

Brian Allemand
(425)444-4424 cell
My friend used this inspector. Very professional and detailed in his work. Charged around $400.

Jim Estrada
425-985-3289, Property Inspector, LLC
Can write report on site and leave you a copy when he's done.

David (Voon H) Yee
Yi Home Inspection LLC
425-830-1683, davidyee33@comcast.net

Robert L. Klewitz, P.E
Robert is a tough house inspector who finds problems. He is quite dedicated and independent, i.e., not in favor of the builder or seller etc. The drawback is that his inspection service is more expensive, but well worth the cost.

Note: to buy a house, it usually takes 2 -3 hours to inspect a house.
Comments (8)
1. visitor 2011-04-28 07:21
I heard people saying good words about True North Home Inspections:
2. JC 2011-09-18 11:18
People recommended theinspectorguys. It is operated by Mike and Larry, 425-239-0252. They have pretty good reputation in the home inspection circle. They are fast, picky for inspection and could find problems in detail. For new houses, they could offer discount.
3. lb 2011-09-26 10:08
I DO NOT recommend "House Master". I had some issues with them, they ignored my complaint, even after I filed with BBB.
4. lb 2011-09-26 10:15
The inspector from "House Master" is Jon Ingham. DO NOT use him. He finds an excuse to not to go up the roof; he didn't go into the attic; he couldn't find the opening for the crawl space; he failed to find the heat exchanger crack on the furnace.
5. JC 2011-09-26 12:43

Thanks for your information. I've removed "House Master" from the list as it looks like they provide sub-par services. The original section is here:
House Master, ask for Jess Knatt
Can write reports right on the spot, costs about $400. Recommended by a fellow agent. I never used him myself though.

Should I just remove all of the info or leave it like this for now?
6. lb 2011-09-26 13:36
To be fair, other inspectors from House Master might be fine. The problem is no one response your complaint. I think it is useful information, recommendation or complaint, but the decision is yours to make.
7. JC 2011-09-26 14:35

Thanks for further clarification. Then I will still list it but put it below the list of good inspectors.
8. JC 2011-10-05 23:12
Michael (Mike) Linde
Northwest Building Inspections, (425)220-7183
Someone just reminded me that this building inspector is said to be no good. So I took it off from the list above. Here is the link for a bad review on them:

"...He charged us like $500, and only took half an hour to do an inspection. He said everything looked fine, but after we moved in, problems started to surface..."
Comment on Northwest Building Inspections
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