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作者: JC
西雅图好的验房师(Home Inspector) List

Tom Browning
(425)681-9886 cell, (425)836-5435 home
This guy's the best if you can find him. Quality work, low price.

Northwest Building Inspections
Michael Linde

Kelly Thompson
(425)227-4461 cell, (425)646-8385 office home

House Master, ask for Jess Knatt
Can write reports right on the spot, costs about $400. Recommended by a fellow agent. I never used him myself though.

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应该问Home Inspector的问题

Here are some good question to ask when interviewing these inspectors:

1) How long has the firm(or individual) been in business? A minimum of 5 year's experience is recommended.
2) Is the firm a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors? Membership requires actual experience, passing a written examination, inspection reviews, and continuing education.
3) Has the firm changed its name recently? If so, why?
4) What type of report does the firm use? How long does it take to complete the report and get it back to the client?
5) How many inspectors does the firm have? Are they full-time or part-time?
6) Does the firm engage in other businesses in addition to inspections?
7) Does the firm also offer to make any of the repairs recommended by the inspection? If the inspection company also makes repairs, it may not give unbiased reports.
8) Does the firm provide references? Any inspector should be willing to give several references if the buyer ask for them. The buyer may also want to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against the inspection firm.
Comments (1)
1. Michael Cao 2011-07-27 02:26
Avoid Tom Browning if you can. This guy is not professional at all. I had really bad experience with him. Last year, he inspected my house by himself (no second person) and only found a couple of very basic/apparent problems. He tried to show that he was a detailed person but in fact he was not. Later on we hired Kelly Thompson to do another inspection. In contrast, Kelly found many problems and some of them are so fundamental that Tom Browning apparently chose to ignore. Trust my words, Browning asks for a lower price because he is unable to provide you a quality service.
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