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作者: JC, 更新日期: 2014-01-13
网友问题: 换工作的时候被问到以前的工资收入,应该怎么说为好? 可以适当多说点吗? 还是以后背景调查的时候要露马脚?



1. There is a budget and we need to check that you fit within it. As a general rule, you're definitely not going to take a paycut to come and work for our company, and most people are typically looking for 5-10% more in a new job than what they were on previously. So we need to check that we can manage your expectations.

2. It gives us an indication of how senior you are. Job titles, for example, can vary from company to company so this is not a reliable indicator; salary is much more reliable. If you are currently on a much lower salary, this might indicate that you're too junior to do the job. It also gives us an indication of where to place you in our organization - even though there's a budget, it might cover a very wide range.

I can assure you that most people DO NOT lie when asked. Salary is usually one thing that will be verified with your old employer when they call for a reference, so what's the point in lying?


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