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Car Insurance Company Quoted Rates In Seattle

作者: JC
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For the benefit of friends who are interested in getting a lower car insurance, here is a list of quotes/rates people got in Seattle.

Safeco Car Insurance, full coverage, $680/6 month

Progressive, $320/6 month

Costco/Amerprise Car Insurance, $265/6 month (coupled with home owner insurance at $529/year)

Besides this, Liberty Mutual Car Insurance and Geico also provide cheaper car insurance.

I also saw some discussion on the web recommended the following insurance companies:

PEMCO is best and lowest, but you have to have really good record, really good location, and really good credit history.

Lastly, to find a good rate, you have to shop around and make sure that your are not only comparing prices, but also coverages, such as rental reimbursement or road side assistance.
Comments (2)
1. JC 2011-11-02 18:33
So far I am still using Costco Ameriprise home owner and car insurance. It is the cheapest I could find, but they are increasing the premium these days, the increase is about $14/year.
2. JC 2012-01-27 23:02
Costco Ameriprise auto insurance sent me a new renewal rate. Due to Washington state rate increase across the board, they've bumped up my premium to be $11 more for a 6 month period.

These days, what doesn't go up then? It looks like everything is more expensive.
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