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作者: JC
美国科州太干了, 有些中国人去了科州后就开始有严重的头皮屑. 一般的洗发液都没效果. 有朋友说国内的沙宣(Sassoon)很有效果, 另外还有一些其他的产品也不错. 以下就是笔者搜集的一些合适的抗皮肤干燥产品.

1. Sassoon Shampoo
Founded by Elan Sassoon, all Sojourn products are pH balanced for healthy hair and all of the ingredients used are completely biodegradable. These Shampoos from Sojourn use the proteins and amino acids naturally found in hair to condition it.

2. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volume Shampoo with Seasilk
这个洗发水值得推荐. 在amazon上找大瓶的,比较便宜.

本文最后更新日期: 2012-03-27 17:57
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