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Answer for "Describe the environment in which you feel your child learns best"

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2012-04-29
Every year in the student placement form, parents need to fill out this question of "describe the environment in which you feel your child learns best". It could take some time to fill out as you would need to really think through what your child prefers. Anyhow to make it easy to write these kind of questions, here are some possible answers I've assembled that could be used as a template.

1. A learning environment that provides group projects, using computer technology to assist the learning, encourages critical thinking and creativity.

2. An supportive and fun learning environment that promotes and instills self-confidence, initiative, independence and the ability to work as a team, values and self-respect and respect for others.

In addition to these sample answers, you might also consider these different learning styles among kids.

-A Visual learner is one who learns best through visual images, pictures, diagrams, etc. and by watching others do something. Visual learners tend to be print oriented and can learn by reading about a subject.

-Auditory learners do better with lectures, songs, stories and other oral material.

-Kinesthetic learners favor interacting with what they are learning by doing and touching. Most young children are kinesthetic learners, but often boys will continue to need "hands-on" materials even when they are older.

-Social or Group Interactive learners learn best through group participation, conversations, and discussion.
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