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Best Seattle Carpet Cleaning Services

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2012-12-08
People living in apartments want to find good carpet cleaners when they vacate the apartments. So after doing some research, here are some good ones I've found.

Anderson Carpet Cleaning
Couple of people used them and said they were very good. Flat rate. One guy provided details like this:
using their online coupon, it comes down to $239 for cleaning the whole house. No limitation for the area/size. But if it is over 12 levels of stairs, it will be $4 per level for deep cleaning. Extra fee to straighten out a wrinked carpet, it is $85 per area. After cleaning up, it takes 8 to 24 hours for the carpet to dry, so may need to start the heating in the apartment to get it dry faster.

Radiant carpet cleaning
Operated by two Brazilians, super efficient and cheap too. $90 for 2 bedrooms and living room. Spent 2 hours and very clean.

If anyone know other good carpet cleaners, please follow this thread with your comments.

Comments (1)

1. JC 2012-12-08 12:01
For move in/move out cleaning, another recommended company is:
Maid 2 Please
Phone: 425-868-4626
Comment: their service is very good but a bit expensive.

As a contrary, people mentioned "The Maids" provides very bad service. Their website is It is said that they were asked to clean a close-to-empty house of 2500 sqft. They promised to finish the job with 3 people and in 3 hours, but they reported 6 people and 6 hours. Also they only cleaned 2/3 of the house, without even cleaning the floor. The owner ended up having to pay $600 since he already gave them the credit card, and he was working at the time and wasn't be able to oversee how they were doing.
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