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Clarinet For Starters 适合初学者用的黑管和指导书介绍

作者: HL
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在美国,五年级的学生必须要选修一门乐器,If you have kids at Fifth Grade or will enter fifth grade next year, maybe you want to check this out Barcelona B-Flat Student Clarinet with Hardshell Case and Handling Gloves now is on sale for $99.99 (Reg.$300)。 review很好的。

Product Description

Beautifully crafted yet affordably priced, the Barcelona Clarinet is ideal for beginners and students. The teacher-approved clarinet is in the key of B-flat. It has a simulated wood grain finish, ebonite mouth piece, corked joints, simulated lambs wool pads, 17 forged nickel silver plated keys, and undercut true tone holes. It comes packaged in a durable plush-lined hard shell case with a polishing cloth, joint grease, and handling gloves. An exceptional value, the Barcelona Clarinet comes packaged with everything you need to start playing today.
Comments (2)
1. HL 2013-09-18 10:01
Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bb Orchestra Clarinet with Case 这个黑管也是非常适合初学者用的, 只要139刀。 带盒子, 音色很好, 虽然比不上高档货, 但是应是初学者的最佳选择了。This is the standard clarinet used for marching band, orchestra and jazz band。

Accent on Achievement, Book 1 - B-Flat Clarinet - Bk+CD 一般这是学校里要求的初学用的指导书。

Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds, Strength 2.0, 10-pack 对于黑管来说, 一盒reeds 也是学校的band 要求的。

2. HL 2015-01-03 17:14
160-BK-N - BLACK EBONITE/LACQUER Keys Bb B flat Clarinet Lazarro+11 Reeds,Case,Care Kit 这套也是非常适合小学生用的黑管, 而且颜色有很多种, 女孩子也是可以用的。 价格也不贵, 90几刀 with free shipping。

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