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Challenges and Joys in a Gifted Class

作者: JC
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Here is a questionnaire on the gifted program and answers from a gifted student.

Question 1: What are the challenges in your study in the gifted program? What is the most challenging out of these?

Answer: Most things are currently challenging, but that is because I have a lot of homework now, and then there is the new things like literacy workshop and social studies and etc.

Question 2: What are the most enjoyable things in your study in the gifted program? What is the most enjoyable?

Answer: Not much is enjoyable anymore, except this feeling I have when I suddenly realized that I'm better than most other kids in our school ;-) (NOTE: our gifted program is in a regular elementary school, so there are a lot of other kids who are not in the gifted class, so yeh.)

Question 3: Is the current gifted program good enough? Or what would you prefer the gifted program to be in the future?

Answer: The current gifted program is OK right now, but I haven't even gotten to middle school and I'm having a little bit of stress here.
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