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Gifted 4th Grade Math Challenge Problem: Yes or No Logic

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2013-02-23
Here is a challenge math problem for gifted students in their 4th grade. It is somewhat interesting as it relates more to logic/brain teaser than math. So could provide a good foundation for people interested in future careers such as computer science, financial data analysis etc.

The Problem:

On the planet Blam, two of the native words are tak and bin. One of them means "yes", the other "no". A visitor from our planet once asked a scholar of Blam whether tak meant "no". The scholar answered correctly, but although fluent in English, he absentmindedly replied in Blamese. Did the scholar answer tak or bin?

Before I post the answer, I'd have to ask, what's your answer to this and how you got it? Please follow with your comment.

Comments (1)

1. JC 2013-02-23 00:43
Okey, for anyone interested in knowing the answer, here you go:

1) Tak means no, answer: tak
if tak=no, illogic
if tak=yes, illogic

2) Tak means no, answer: bin
if bin=no, logical
if bin=yes, illogic

So, the answer should be bin.
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