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National Coffee Day 美国咖啡日的最新Deals and Freebies

作者: HL
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Today, September 29th, 是 National Coffee Day! 不少著名的咖啡屋都有不同的促销活动。 Be sure to call your local restaurants to verify they are participating in these offers。

Dunkin’ Donuts

Today only, September 29th, your local Dunkin’ offer a FREE medium dark roast coffee – No coupon needed and no purchase necessary. Plus, if you’d like to purchase Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, snag boxes of K-Cups and 1-lb. packages of coffee for only $6.99!

Krispy Kreme

Today only, September 29th, Krispy Kreme will be offering a FREE 12 oz. cup of House, Decaf, or Dark Roast Coffee! And, there will be no purchase necessary! Also note that you can upgrade your coffee to a Mocha, Latte, or Iced Coffee for just $1!

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop

Through today only, September 29th, Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop buy a medium dark roast coffee for only $1
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