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Free Educational Websites for Kids 小孩的学习教育网站集锦

作者: JC
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以下介绍的网站都是可以让小孩子在玩游戏的过程中,学习数学, 阅读以及逻辑思维的知识, 及娱乐和增长知识两不误。

Here is a list of the best free online games for children we've collected over the years. They are fun and educational.

Lego Junkbot

Lego Junkbot Undercover (2)

Arthur's Games

PBS Game Center

Go Go Go-Karts

interactive alphabet games

Kinderweb Games

learn how to type

Learn to Read

Letters and Sounds

Little Clickers

Magnetic Chat

Make a Flake

Online library for children

Scholastic Activities

Whizz Education

Cartoon Network

Disney Channel E-Game

Playhouse Disney

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1. HL 2014-06-17 10:17
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2. HL 2014-08-12 11:28
Top 18 Free Educational Websites for Kids:

These sites are in alphabetical order

ABCya.com: A ton of educational games and activities for grades K-5.

Fun Brain: So much fun stuff that the kids might not even realize you are sneaking some learning in.

Highlights Kids: Now they have a website so your kids can access to the great content online.

National Geographic Kids: The kind of excellent offering you would expect from National Geographic. Videos, games, articles and more all designed to enrich your kids’ minds.

NGA Kids: Help introduce your children to art and art history. There are also interactive art projects you can make online.

PBS Kids: Almost limitless activities from all of your kids’ favorite PBS shows. It’s not just Sesame Street around here. Something for everybody.

Random House Kids: Lots of fabulous games and activities based on your favorite Random House books. The games and activities are free, and you can purchase books on their site also.

Seussville: Another website with great games and activites based on books your kids probably already know. You can also purchase books on the site.

Starfall: A reading website that takes your kids all the way from ABCs up to reading on their own.

Wonderopolis: This website has allowed us to answer questions we didn’t even know we had. This website is lots of fun for curious minds.

The Magic School Bus: Games and activities based on the classic series of Magic School Bus books. There is a great parent/teacher section that can help you develop some more structured activities to keep your kids in the learning frame of mind.

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Another great Scholastic website, this time featuring our favorite big red dog, Clifford. Plenty of games and printables to entertain your little ones.

BrainPop(free stuff): BrainPop website has a subscription service to get to their extended content. But they also have some free content. Free educational BrainPop movies and games.

Inkless Tales: This website brings great educational games, stories, and projects to you for free.

Disney Junior: Games and stories and projects all centered around your child's favorite Disney Junior characters.

Storyline Online: Presented by the Screen Actors' Guild, Storyline Online features actors reading stories out loud for kids to enjoy. There are dozens of books available.

ReadWriteThink: Resources for the classroom and professional development, along with materials for parents and afterschool to help support and reinforce your child's learning plan.

Last I have to mention another excellent website,
ABCmouse: This is the most comprehensive website with a ton of entertaining educational content for the preschooler. And the app is a portal to this incredible website. There is a 30-day free trial, and then afterward it is $7.95/month or $79.00/year.
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