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[3层可折叠式烘烤冷却架降价打折] Wilton 3-Tier Collapsible Cooling Rack Only $13.57 (Reg. $21)

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-09-28
On where you can now get this Wilton 3-Tier Collapsible Cooling Rack for just $13.57 (regularly $20.79)!

This cooling rack features three tiers that are stacked to give you lots of cooling space for cookies and other small treats. It measures 10″ wide x 16″ tall assembled but conveniently collapses for easy storage. Even better, it comes fully assembled. Note that this baking rack is not dishwasher safe.

Wilton 三层可折叠冷却架是厨房中的实用工具,为烘焙和烹饪爱好者提供了便捷性和多功能性。它的三层设计允许同时冷却多个食品,并且可以轻松折叠存放,占用少量空间。不论您是专业厨师还是家庭厨房的大厨,这个冷却架都将提升您的烘焙体验,确保您的美食在制作完成后得到正确的冷却和处理。
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