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[室内盆栽植物降价打折] Costa Farms Succulents 11-Pack Just $17.65

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-06-29
While supplies last, on Amazon where you can now get this Costa Farms Live Succulents 11-Pack for only $17.65 (regularly $29.99)!

These live succulents are beautifully potted in a grower pot with potting soil — ready to be enjoyed instantly after unboxing. They are the perfect size to place anywhere in your home including tabletops, desks, windowsills, and shelves.

这套多肉植物11盆套装由Costa Farms这家享有盛誉的植物供应商提供。多肉植物是一类独特而美丽的植物,其叶片肥厚、多汁,能够存储水分,因此对于养护要求较低。
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