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[厨用抽屉餐具收存盒降价] Kitchen Drawer Organizers Only $12

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2024-03-27
On where you can now get this Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray Only $12 (regularly $16.95)

These drawer organizer inserts are a quick and easy fix to tidying up my knives and cutlery. Not to mention, they look modern, clean, and totally sleek in my drawer. Plus, they’re great for small spaces since their design is super compact, unlike traditional drawer inserts.

Whether you need a super-slim and compact design, this drawer organizer has a unique stacked design so it takes up as little space as possible when filling up drawers. With each compartment, you’ll have all the space you need for every fork, spoon, and knife.

Here are some other key selling features:

Non-slip base so it stays in place
The small organizer takes up half the space as a traditional organizer
The large organizer fits up to 48 pieces of silverware
Has picture icons on each section so you’ll never guess where specific silverware is located
Silverware can be placed head or handle first
Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 3¼ inches
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