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[多功能清洁喷雾] Method All-Purpose 8-Pack Cleaner Spray Just $20 Shipped

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-08-11
On where you can now get this 8-pack of Method All-Purpose Cleaner Spray in French Lavender for only $20.14 shipped or less (regularly $44.38)!

This all-purpose surface cleaner spray is made with a biodegradable formula that cuts through grease and grime. It’s perfect for non-porous surfaces including counters, tile, stone, wood, and glass. Plus it’s not tested on animals and the bottle is made with 100% recycled plastic!

Method 多功能清洁喷雾适用于各种不同表面和家居物品的清洁,包括厨房、浴室、家具、玻璃、瓷砖等。该清洁喷雾采用天然植物衍生的成分,不含有害化学物质,对环境和人体友好。其独特的配方能够有效去除油渍、污垢、指纹等各种污染,让表面焕然一新。
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