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[加热抱枕降价打折] Squishmallows Heating Pad Only $22

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-11-30
On Amazon where you can now get this Squishmallows Cam Heating Pad for only $22.49 (regularly $27.99).

Designed to help with period cramps, postpartum pain, muscle aches or tummy aches, just remove the heating pad pouch from the Cam slipcover, pop it in the microwave to heat it up for one minute, reinsert and then apply the Squishmallow wherever it hurts.

Squishmallows Heating Pad是一款柔软、可爱的可加热抱枕。是一个用于缓解痛经的取暖垫!只需将这个便携式取暖垫放入微波炉中加热,然后将其放在疼痛的地方。它适用于经期痛经、产后疼痛、肌肉疼痛、腹痛等。
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